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Welcome to my website

It can often feel difficult to seek professional support from a counsellor, especially if you have never had therapy before. The fact that you are looking at this web site is a great start and I truly hope that this is the first step to what could be a very important journey for you.

At some point in our lives we all experience distressing life events that impact on us in various ways. We can feel depressed, anxious; feel overwhelmed by our problems and think negatively about ourselves. Sometimes we can navigate our way through difficult times with the support of family and friends but this may not always feel possible and it can then be extremely helpful to talk things through with someone such as a counsellor who can remain objective and not make judgements about you. The counselling relationship is therefore a unique one that is based on mutual trust, respect and acceptance.

My consulting room is a private space for you to talk with me in confidence about the emotional distress that you may be experiencing right now without fear of being met with disapproval or rejection. It is important to come to therapy because you want to and not because someone else thinks you need to. It takes a great deal of courage to come for therapy to explore your difficulties but we can do so together at a pace which is comfortable for you to work at.