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About Me


I am an experienced therapist who is registered and accredited by the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).   This means that I abide by the BACP ethical framework for good practice in counselling.

I completed my professional training with the Westminster Pastoral Foundation (WPF) and have been qualified for over 10 years. I have continued to develop my skill base by attending many other training courses which enables me to tailor my services to meet the needs of my individual clients. I am also a qualified supervisor who provides supervision to individual counsellors and to groups of qualified counsellors/psychotherapists across various modalities.

My core training was in psychodynamic counselling. Briefly explained the psychodynamic approach is used to help us to make sense of what is happening now by gaining insight and a better understanding of how past difficult life experiences shape who we are as adults and how these past experiences impact on current relationships. This can be a painful process at times but can also bring great relief and positive change, as it can enable us to make more helpful choices and decisions for the future. I firmly believe it is a worthwhile investment. See Services page for information about other approaches I use in my work.


Dear Philomena. Thank you for the valuable sessions I had with you over the last year. They have helped me so much and I wanted to express my deepest gratitude to you. I hope that others whom you are supporting benefit as much as I have.

Philomena. You gave me the courage I needed to address the things that I had been avoiding for so long. Thank you for listening but more importantly for ‘being there’. I would like to just say a big thank you for what you have helped me to achieve. Your kindness meant so much to me and you supported me through my darkest days. I will never forget you.

Philomena guided me expertly and sensitively through a period of personal re-discovery following a very difficult time in my life. The environment, approach and pace were all very supportive but also challenging. I now know myself much better and can face the present and the future with confidence.

Philomena. Thank you for your supervision throughout the time we have been meeting. I would like to offer my gratitude for your guidance and for holding a steady course through my clinical work.